Crosshair (2007)

App Download: Mac | Windows

Crosshair is an Asteroids-inspired game I made for practice in a couple areas of game design. One was using physics for the game mechanics -- this was back before rigid body physics was a standard part of engines like Unity and Unreal. Other areas were videogame aesthetics, sequencing music in Rebirth (which emulates a Roland TR-808) and what is involved in making an native app work across Mac, Windows, and Linux.

For music, the original Asteroids has a really spare, two-note bass background loop that accelerates as the game gets harder. I wanted to start from something similar then build to the acid techno sound associated with the 303 and 808:

Subsequent levels are variations of the same idea.

The sequencing is only roughed-in, but I was happy with being able to sketch the progression I wanted even if it's still just at the "temp/scratch" stage of polish.